Ryan’s final thoughts


Our day involved a drastic reversal of what we have come to know as the Salvadoran culture. We traveled to a private beach/resort and took advantage of a beautiful area to play, eat and drink throughout the day. Everyone agree that it was well worth the trip, but also agreed that the drastic shift to the affluent area left us feeling guilty and unfulfilled. I expect the same will take place upon our return to the states. We simply have so much and are privileged to easy access that we don’t consider the widespread impact that we can have through our simple actions. If there is one thing I have learned, it is that we cannot be complacent and that we must strive to better those around us, both domestic and international. Through this, I believe we fill a deep gladness tat most of us search for. Some find it in work or religion, but the majority isn’t so lucky. Ask yourself if you’re happy with your job or even life in general. Many of you may say, “of course I am”, but consider whether that would remain true if you died tomorrow. Finding peace, creating hope, and serving the needs of others are steps we can take to help us reach our deep gladness and achieve a better humanity. These steps are not easy, but I look forward to taking on the challenges and striving to live in a way that supports every person I have the opportunity to connect with. Being here has inspired me to consider the proper use of resources, especially water, and pursing and supporting programs that make resource distribution a reality. Some organization that I have in mind that I think can help with this are Oxfam America B world Vision. I also want to be able to spread education further than just my future classroom. Whether this be through technology or travel, I think every child deserves the right to a great education. Finally I want to never forget this experience. I want to tell people and educate them on what it’s like. I know I can no fix the world on my own, but raising support and awareness is the first step to making real change happen.


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