Mariela’s final thoughts


Today we had an opportunity to be at a private waterfront resort. Being in several poor communities this week has allowed us to be able to distinguish the differences between the “real El Salvador” and the U.S.

One way in which I have found it to be different has included the way in which water is distributed between the people. For example, not everyone in El Salvador is given water or has water made readily available to them. The community’s in high mountain areas are generally made to use the water from the natural springs or mountain run off.

In the states, there seems to be a surplus of water. Many cities and neighborhoods are given or provided water through the local government. These differences have impacted my view on humanity through good and bad ways.

Some good things have include seeing the love and care between several community members and strangers like us. I have also realized the bad, which has included such disparities among wealthy and poor. While I’m in the U.S., I feel as though I will be more aware of my surroundings and the resources that have been provided for me.


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