Lana’s final thoughts


Besides realizing about the 1%, my experience today was very enjoyable, but not reality for me or the Salvadorans. The areas I went to throughout the trip has been devastating in how they lived below the poverty level and that their poor still suffers. It still is prevalent that the injustice treatment and the lack of care by the government continues. There have been so many things wrong with the communities that have the money and just soak in that idea, even at the expense of others.

Compared to the U.S., El Salvador is very poor. The Salvadorans have a community base where they can’t find security and the U.S. has a better way to deal and cope with the tragedies of their lives. Another huge difference is the collectivism vs. individualism. It has been very high here and the U.S. is very high only on individualistic.

While being here, I’ve changed in the sense of seeing humanity and getting in that way. I want to get to know my neighbors for example instead of being strangers. I also want to see other sights and places in the United States were poverty is high and volunteer there or make donations. For me, I just want to act in better ways of being kind toward people. El Salvador taught me a lot about myself and having ways to cope with differences among people. Sister Peggy was huge for me in realizing life. She brought the idea of our humanity, not showing how the U.S. is too focused on the I, but should focus on the we at the same time. I also want to change myself in ways of being less wasteful and more conscious of how much water I use and remind myself that I am very blessed in life for where I live.


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