Esmeralda’s final thoughts


My experience on today was very different- being in a nice area in El Salvador was hard to take in. The “real Salvador” is different from the U.S. society because compared to the U.S., most people have a place to stay, get fed, receives a good education and everything seems to mostly be in good health. The real Salvador is very poor, and it is sad to hear that some areas have no water or electricity.

I noticed we have a lot of benefits and take a lot for granted. I know I don’t have a nice home in the U.S. but compared to some Salvadorans, I live pretty high in class. The thing I noticed the most, which I wish the U.S., had, is be able to trust people. People in the United States tend to be stubborn and careless. In El Salvador, a stranger would give you money even if they don’t have much themselves. Some examples I can change in the United Sates are actually taking things more with gratitude. When people give me things, I didn’t really have much expression or care as much, but now I’m starting to realize that I have a lot of things that I shouldn’t because it’s a waste.

I think the cool thing about El Salvador is the poorer people are the happy ones. In the U.S., many people aren’t happy and try to find things to make them happy. Another thing I’ll enjoy more of is school. When we went to visit the Trincheras, it was sad to hear that many don’t get a good education or even get to continue their education.


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