Elizabeth’s final thoughts

elizabethReflecting on my experience here in El Salvador has really opened my eyes to the extreme poverty that continues to exist not only here, but all over the world. The divide between necessity and want in the US, I feel, needs to be looked at in a culturally aware perspective. I don’t think most Americans know the difference between the two because of the fact that we are privileged enough to have food, water, adequate health care, etc. Digging deep into the core and witnessing the everyday lives of the Salvadoran people made me realize that if we cu back on a few “wants” we can help contribute resources to the individuals who are in great need of them.

I believe it is our obligation to keep a strong connection with the people of this country and put forth our greatest efforts in continuing to fuel education, water resources, and bettering living conditions. With the help of our CCLP group and the surrounding community, donations can be brought fort h for a good cause.

It is also the little things that we have been able to take away from this trip that count. After seeing the lack of water in each community, I know that there are little changes I can make to my own lifestyle to conserve water, take advantage of higher education and most importantly, to just simply be grateful for all I have. I will always be thankful for the people of El Salvador, for letting me in their culture and giving me a different perspective o life in every aspect.


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