Ed’s final thoughts


Today was a great day because we got to spend the whole entire day at the beach. The beach place was very breath taking and gorgeous, especially the sunset. During our time at the beach, I reflected on our journey this past week and compared it to what I have experience as we drove by neighborhoods and meet people. We are very fortunate and blessed to go to the beach toady because not many Salvadorans would have the opportunity to go to the beach that we went to.

Therefore, our society (the United States) is extremely lucky on the things that we have; however, it seems to me that Americans do not value and appreciate life enough. The Salvadorans would be filled with smiles and a lifted heart if they had the opportunity to have the society we have. Few examples the U.S. has that El Salvador does not have are descent sewage systems, stricter laws and less pollution just to name a few. I feel like we are sometimes selfish in a way where we don’t have things that we want. The little children of El Salvador made me realize personally that we can’t want things to make us happy, we should be grateful for what we have and not think that we can have anything we want.


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