Andy’s final thoughts


Today was very rewarding. I believe it was a great payoff for experiencing the sad history of El Salvador and being able to help rebuild it. I enjoyed eating some American food (hamburger and fries) though at the same time I felt guilty that we had the privilege of going to a somewhat resort. We all learned that everyone should be treated equal, but the truth is that it’s not how we treat each other.

As Americans, I believe we think money can buy us happiness (going to a beach resort) where as Salvadorans think that happiness comes from the heart and money is to buy things that are needed and not wanted. I think after seeing the real El Salvador and listening to Sister Peggy’s message, I do feel like my eyes are open and I am more aware that people around the world need people like our group to save them and maybe just maybe save us someday. The grass is not greener on one side or the other, it is green everywhere and we, as humans of this beautiful earth need to open our eyes and see it. As for taking my experience back to CWU, I believe that I bring the OXFAM Club out of the ashes so that there will be club dedicated to help fight injustice, poverty and hunger around the world.


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