Alejandra’s final thoughts


My reflection on today’s experience being at a beautiful private beach just made me think in a way that we shouldn’t have been there after all that we’ve seen before with the less unfortunate. I felt guilty because we’re so use to this as a norm in our lives living in the United States when other people are in worse conditions. This is a vast difference in the U.S. and in El Salvador in society that we have more privileges and the people in El Salvador are not all living a descent life; there is suffrage, lack of food, water and shelter.

The way these experiences have impact the humanity is actually seeing what is happening in the poor communities. A lot of us live a middle class life which is descent, but there are a huge number of people in the poor who suffer and don’t care so much for materials but the basics like food, shelter and water.

Tangible ways I can demonstrate from my experience from El Salvador back to the U.S. is trying to save more water and not waste food as well. I think we need to learn to not take too much of water/food so it won’t go to waste. We should give out small amounts of food/water at first if they want more they (people) can ask for seconds that way if you get too much in the beginning there wont be wasting food/water when other people can be using it.


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