Lana’s thoughts


We went to a farm where we pulled weeds and pepper plants, and rolled up the irrigation drip lines. It was very enjoyable to learn about their land and that one of their buyers is Walmart- we didn’t work much on the farm but it was enjoyable. An interesting thing about their farm is their bathroom; it was basically a hole in the ground with a cement toilet shape.

The first school we went to was not actually a school, but a place for students to engage in activities. It is trying to be to be self-sustaining by growing vegetables and using it in their restaurant. We also played soccer with some of the kids that go to the center. It was fun but we lost against them.

We visited two different schools where we donated sporting equipment and hygiene kits (tooth paste and tooth brush) for the students. The first school was empty because it was switching shifts, as there are two shifts in that school system. The second school was built with German funding and has students coming in to the school.

After lunch we went to the waterfall- it was beautiful. We had a lot of fun, I jumped in off some rocks. After the waterfall, we headed to a guys house where he makes pottery. He is a decent from the Mayans, and his family speaks Nahuatl, a dead language. He demonstrated how pottery is done and let us have a try. I tried and it was really hard to do. The guy has amazing talent. His capabilities are amazing.

After pottery, we visited with the mayor of Santo Domingo, who is Guillermo’s dad. He will be mayor for one more year, and is planning to run for re-election. Some of his job duties is to figure out getting water, through pipes, to the homes and community for his people.


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