Kelly’s thoughts

Kelly's thoughts

The event that stood out to me most today was the solar light project. Before we came here I thought they were solar panels and was not sure exactly how it was all going to work. But then when I got in the bed of the truck and saw the bottles, I knew it was going to be different than I anticipated.

The concept and construction of the solar light is so simple; they just have to acquire the materials. I enjoyed seeing the demonstration and hearing the story of how they cam across the project.

Installing the lights was an experience all in itself. Not only did we install the lights, but we also got to learn the stories of the families. There were many factors to consider when installing the lights. First, the room or house needed to be dark enough to need the solar light. Then, the roof had to be strong enough to hold Carlos while he installed the light, which is one problem we came across. But above all, the looks of joy and appreciation we saw on the families faces was all I needed to make this another successful day.


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