Ed’s thoughts


Today was my most favorite day ever in El Salvador. We went back to the Las Trincheras Early Childhood Development Center to do activities with the little kids. They were so heart warming and very excited to see us pull up in the trucks and van. The little kids were surrounding us with a lot of “Hola” (Hi) and it made me so happy to experience it. I just could not wait to work on the activities we had planned for them ☺

As we split into our groups, I worked with a little boy named Rodrigo. He was great working with, but I wish my Spanish was fluent enough so that I would not have to ask Alejandra or Senor Manny to translate for me. Well, I helped Rodrigo create an animal mask by guiding him through cutting out and coloring the mask. I felt that he enjoyed his creation and appreciated our company.

One thing that stood out the most today was when Rodrigo drank from my bottle. We worked on our arts and crafts projects in the cafeteria, which was extremely hot, there were no open windows. A huge front door was open, however, I was still sweating as if I had run 20 miles. Therefore, I was keeping myself hydrated by drinking out of my water bottle multiple times, which I guess Rodrigo wanted to copy me. He took my water bottle and drank almost half of my water! As he was drinking water, I felt a bit selfish because I’m sweating and complaining that it was so hot and these children are so accustomed to the heat and dryness in the weather. In my mind, I didn’t know how to react. Should I have taken it away from him? Or have him drink it all? I was not mad at all, but very happy that I shared my water.


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