Ryan’s thoughts

Ryan's thoughts

Day 4 began with our relocation from San Salvador to Caluco and a special visit to the village of Las Trincheras where we first met with children at the Las Trincheras daycare center. Later on, at the meeting with Mayor Blanca’s representative, I found out that the average family has 10-14 children. The construction site also made me feel as though we were making a real difference in the lives and attitudes of the people. I personally found tremendous happiness in our group’s willingness to jump into the project. It started with me asking Andy and Ed to help the workers move a few rocks and when I turned around, the whole group had begun working. As great as everything was, my heart remains with the children we worked with; they bring a wonderful innocence to the world. What an amazing fact that 4 year olds are teaching college educated students the deepest meanings of life.

Now the only question that remains is what we will do with this awe-inspiring message. I find that a 4 year old message requires a 4 year old’s answer: pursue happiness. If we can do this in a way that fulfills our deep desire to be human and develop humanity for ourselves and those around us.

I think the Salvadoran people are a shining example of model of living. It is the reason a country that has survived deep poverty, inequality, and two revolutions is able to move forward even with the outside influences of globalization. It is a society that relentlessly pursues happiness and is one that we could all learn something from.


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