Elizabeth’s thoughts

Elizabeth's thoughts

Witnessing the everyday life of the Salvadoran people reveals not only their struggle but the happiness they find in each others company. After hearing about his struggles (Candelario) and the loss of multiple family members during the civil war, it is unreal to see how uplifting his spirit still remains. To discriminate against innocent people because of this shows the amount of oppression government hold on the Salvadoran people.

I must say that Sister Peggy is one of the most genuine individuals I have met here. She has inspired me to want to teach young children all over the world and to offer hope to all whom will accept it. She asked us, “What does it mea to be you?” and at time, this is difficult to answer. It is not what society tells us we should be, but what we believe ourselves. I believe I will teach children, good. I will volunteer my time because I know there are people who need it.

Being in El Salvador, poverty is clearly visible at face value. The people are lacking money, food, transportation, a support system, etc. As an American, I am privileged to have all these resources, but in a different way, I too am impoverished. I lack the true knowledge of want and necessity cultural awareness, and the true experience of a struggle.


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