Lana’s thoughts

Lana's thoughts

Visiting Archbishop Romero’s home and seeing where the bullet went through was a very different experience that I can’t explain. I could tell by how people speak about him that they are honored to have him as their Arch Bishop. Wendy, our tour guide, spoke of the government asking for forgiveness, as each time she spoke about this you could hear the pride in her voice. The timing of our trip is that we are here when the week-long celebrate of Archbishop Romero’s death is being remembered and because of this we are able to partake in their celebration through festivities.

What stood out most to me was seeing how each leader used their influence for the better, they chose to use peaceful tactics and stand for what they believe in by actions and words, no violence was used.

After our immersion experience is over, I think by sharing my experiences I will be able to spread awareness of what happened. What I want to show people back home is the power in what is right but also in uniting as one and changing social injustice worldwide.


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