Ryan’s thoughts

Ryan's thoughts

My initial impression was that the land was hilly and covered in beautiful tropical trees. I was excited to get off the plane to see it up-close, but I was also anxious.

I know that I carry multiple biases and that my goal is to overcome them during this trip. It took effort to break down my barriers, which really began with a discussion with Alvaro. The discussion itself wasn’t groundbreaking, although entertaining, it was the acceptance of body language I had to develop. I’ve learned that Salvadoran body space is closer than I am accustomed to and I realized perhaps a third through our conversation, that I had crossed my arms and pivoted my body so I was angled aback from him. I realized that despite the fact I had shifted the conversation, I was now about four feet from where I originally stood. It was a rare moment of visual clarity and I immediately shifted my attitude.


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