Day 1

Day 1

We finally made it! After meeting regularly since October, the CCLP cohort has reached it’s objective and has arrived in El Salvador. Leaving at 11 pm, having a 3-hour layover in Houston, then arriving to El Salvador has given all of us mixed feelings as we finally reached our destination.

We had lunch at the UCA (University of Central America) cafeteria, viewed some of the campus, and looked around in the bookstore. We visited the Memorial Wall of “Memory and Truth” located in Cuscatlan’s Square and listened as Alvaro, our in-country host, gave some history about the wall as we approached the park for our second point-of-interest. Having to hear Alvaro’s story about the suffering of what the Salvadorans have gone through made us feel horrible. Seeing 32,000 names on the wall and counting gave us a lot to soak in especially when we saw Archbishop Oscar Romero’s name.

We concluded our first day in El Salvador with a traditional dinner of papusas and a documentary video about the final days of Archbishop Oscar Romero, as tomorrow we will visit the chapel where he was assassinated.


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